Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What 'Cha Lookin' At?

"The LORD sees not as man sees;  man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart."  
1 Samuel 16:7b

   These words were spoken by the Lord to the prophet Samuel when he came to Bethlehem to anoint one of Jesse's sons as the new king of Israel.  Samuel - a mighty man of God and one whose faith was active since childhood - was looking on Jesse's eldest son Eliab and thought "surely the Lord's anointed is before Him." But the Lord said, "no."  So Samuel moved down the list of Jesse's boys . . . until no one was left.  Samuel then asks Jesse, "Are ALL your sons here?"  Nope, missing is the youngest who is out watching the sheep.  His name was David, and HE was the chosen of the Lord.

   The Lord is often unimpressed with the things with which we are impressed.  Readers of the Scriptures will often find the Creator of the Universe selecting, calling, anointing and siding with the underdogs of the world.  Esau was the firstborn, but his twin Jacob was the one chosen.  Hannah was childless, yet she would give birth to Samuel.  David would take down the giant with a stone.  A young virgin in an insignificant village would be the mother of the Christ. 

   Jesus Himself was rejected by His own people and put to death by the powers in command.  Yet the death of this wandering Rabbi was more than sufficient to pay for the sins, errors, and brokenness of all people.  To this day - and even to the Last Day - the Lord will be crying out to all to come to Him for life and restoration.  To those who believe in Him Jesus gives the power to be children of God.  Now THAT's impressive!

   So the next time the world (or the devil or your own self-view) declares you to be unimpressive and worthless you know how to reply:  "What 'cha lookin' at?  I may NOT be much in this world, but I have been redeemed by the Lord.  HE has looked at my heart - and though at its core it is rotten - He sees the faith He has created!  I am loved.  I am saved.  I am His."  

In Jesus' name - Amen